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History of Sugaring

The body sugaring method of hair removal is originally considered to be an ancient Egyptian art, even purportedly used by Cleopatra herself! The Persian women were the first to approve a hairless body to be the epitome of beauty and youth. This is why they ultimately made use of a sugaring paste or wax called ‘moum’ made of sugar, water, and lemon for removing hair. The paste was applied in the direction of hair growth, covered with a piece of muslin cloth and pulled off when cooled. This was considered to be the most effective and natural way of removing body hair. This ancient Egyptian art of hair removal has only recently been revived in the modern age, as smooth, hairless skin is the desire of a majority of women today.

Sugaring and sugar waxing methods date back to around 1900 BC and history tells us that honey was most likely the base for the formula. Having smooth, hair-free skin was long considered to be a standard of beauty in Ancient Egypt and many people living in the Western world still uphold this standard of beauty. Egyptian women created their own depilatory methods using a sticky concoction of oil and honey to remove unwanted hair from the root. This is what we know as “sugaring” today, and there are now several variations of the oil and honey mixture available.

During the 16th century, Turkish women often went into special rooms at public baths to get rid of unwanted hair. Today, hammams and public baths still have designated areas for women who need to remove unwanted hair.

Recent rumors circulating around the internet suggest that women have only been removing hair from their legs for the last hundred years or so, however, that may only be true for American and European women. The fact that the removal of body hair for Europeans wasn’t terribly popular gives way to the fact that American women didn’t shave, seeing as most of the immigrants were European. However, in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Middle Eastern countries, removing body hair was incredibly important. In fact, these women removed most of their body hair (with the exception of their eyebrows), not to mention the Egyptian women that went as far as removing their head hair. Even having hair down under was considered uncivilized by most Egyptian, Greek, and Middle Eastern standards. Knowing what we know now, we can conclude that body sugaring is one of the best methods (if not the best!) for hair removal. It is the safest, least painful, and most effective (both in cost and application terms) when compared to others AND can be easily prepared at home. So what say we put away the wax and strips for good, and make some room for sugar and juice!

Hair Removal has been around for centuries, perhaps, some argue, since the dawn of humankind. Tools once thought to be used for scraping fur from animal skins were discovered to contain human hair and are now believed to have been used as crude razors for shaving the face some 20,000 years ago. Threading and sugaring, both ancient methods used in the Middle East, are still used today. Ancient Egyptians waxed hair off with beeswax and sported clean, shaven faces as status symbols. Ancient Sumerians and Romans tweezed eyebrows and facial hair. In the modern United States, people continue to develop and improve hair-removal methods for home use, whether through improved shaving tools, depilatories, or home-waxing products. Sugaring is a centuries-old method of hair removal used in the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Sugaring is believed to have been discovered as a form of hair removal in ancient times, possibly by chance, when the sugar paste was formed and used to treat a wound or to dress a burn to help prevent infections from developing and to aid in healing. The removal of the paste would also remove the hair while leaving the skin with very little irritation.

Sugaring Hair Removal Today

We live in a body-conscious society and the standard of beauty is still focused on smooth skin that’s free of excess body hair. After the invention of the bikini, bikini waxing became a necessary solution for getting rid of unwanted hair around the bikini line. Most women also want to have hair-free armpits, legs, backs, and even arms. Sugaring hair removal is a convenient and safe alternative to waxing and electrolysis, and continues to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of excess hair in both large and small areas for several weeks at a time.

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